100+ DIY beautiful wedding favor ideas that will not break your bank

Creative ideas for homemade wedding favors don’t have to break the bank.  When planning your special day, remember that just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate with unique handmade gifts for guests. 

Wedding favors are an important part of the day, but they shouldn’t put too much of a strain on your wallet! Here are some great DIY wedding favor ideas that won’t put you in debt:

1. Fresh produce

Assemble an assortment of fruit in baskets or boxes, and let guests choose their own fresh treats as party favors. You can even ask them to take it one step further and place the food in their luggage when they leave – it will make for some amazing munchies while they’re flying home!

2. Oversized cookies

Consider baking small, individual-sized cakes and buttercreams in a variety of flavors. Have your florist create a large cookie out of fresh flowers – it’ll be the perfect takeaway to remind everyone of your special wedding day!

3. Freshly baked bread  

This one’s all about presentation, so do this favor at the dinner table. Baked goods are always nice favors for guests because they can enjoy them right away! Bake some mini loaves of bread, tie each with twine and attach a tag with your names and wedding date.

4. Homemade jam

If you’re hosting an outdoor summertime reception, homemade jams in pretty jars are great fun for guests to take home – just make sure to have enough to go around! Try this strawberry jam recipe, which will make about five 8-ounce jars.

5. Your choice of wine

Assemble an array of bottles of different wines, then attach a tag to each with your names, wedding date and location – guests can grab their favorites to take home as favors!

Want some more ideas? Here are some DIY favors that you’ll absolutely love.

1. Create your own wooden spoons for stirring tea or coffee. 

2. Make your own candles 

3. Buy candy in bulk, wrap them individually and tie ribbons around the top 

4. Fill mason jar lids with colored sand and place votive candles inside

5. Fill glass paint bottles with your favorite jams or jellies 

6. Place cute labels on water bottles and fill with your favorite juice 

7. Create a softcover photo album and let guests take photos home 

8. Give each guest a hand-drawn sketch of yourself or your spouse 

9. Place small chalkboards on pedestals and provide chalk so your guests can write notes 

10. Fill short glass vases with confetti (and give them markers to write their names on the paper) 

11. Place homemade simple syrup in pretty bottles as favors 

12. Put together gift baskets filled with items for the bath 

13. Have custom matchboxes made with taglines or photos 

14. Vinyl record DIYs You could cut out vinyl records and make coasters, clocks, etc… 

15: Place small mason jar lids filled with colorful sprinkles on pedestals and place clear toffee candy inside; guests can take home the jar lid as a favor 

16. Lightweight wicker napkin rings with dried lavender or rose petals 

17. Make your own sugar scrubs 

18. Custom wallpaper labels 

19. Make mini “wine cork” magnets for favors, tuck them in their luggage to use during travel 

20. Create your own chocolate bark 

21. Fill empty chapstick tubes with colorful slips of paper, each holding one guest’s wish for you 

22. For summer weddings: margarita mix favors 

23. Boxes of homemade cookies 

24. At the bar, have beer bottles labeled with ribbon 

25: Mini jars filled with jams 

26: unbleached muslin bags filled with a variety of dried fruits and nuts 

27: Have your florist create pretty flower pots (and ask them to include instructions for care) 

28. Put together photo albums, CDs or DVDs with pics from the big day 

29. Custom labels on jars filled with potpourri 

30. Hand-drawn pictures by you 

31. Create cute recipe tins with cards containing the recipes 

32. Stained glass votive candle holders (for evening weddings) 

33: personalize Tic Tac boxes 

34: Flower girl baskets filled with flower petals 

35: Personalized tea bags 

36. Seasonal candy in festive packaging 

37. Faux succulents in pretty pots 

38. Miniature picture frames for favors 

39. Bottle of bubbles 

40. Personalize M&M tins 

41: Baking mixes 

42: Custom-made coloring books 

43: Chalkboard stickers with messages and tips for guests 

44: Make snow globes out of glass jars 

45: Tie ribbons around mini wine bottles to give as favors 

46. Custom-made dog tags with your names, wedding date and location 

47. Personalized bottles of olive oil or vinegar 

48. Fill an apothecary jar with individually wrapped chocolates 

49. Place vintage postcards with messages on a pretty platter

 50: Faux succulents in small pots 

51: Mini lightbulbs filled with potpourri 

52: Place a photo of yourself inside a plastic snowglobe 

53. Put together a personalized “travel” recipe box 

54: Tint clear liquor with food coloring for fun colors 

55: Glitter covered rocks as weights for invitations 

56: Printable gift tags 

57: Personalized buttons with messages like “Thanks” and “You’re Awesome” 

58: Custom tea bags 

59. Play-Doh in a candy wrapper 

60. White chocolate pretzels topped with personalized messages (in silver or gold) 

61. Fill small boxes with printed messages and attach name cards for guests to take home 

62: Create your own scented soap 

63: Treat bags filled with treats 

64: Favor baskets containing goodies for the road 

65. Glitter covered rocks 

66. Handmade paper coasters 

67: Miniature picture frames 

68: Baby oil filled glass bottles tied with cute ribbon 

69. Keychain bottle openers 

70. Have wine bottles wrapped in pretty paper 

71. Make your own lip balm 

72. Fill small mason jars with colored sand (and add a clear stone in the center) 

73. Colorful confetti in baggies 

74. Glue full-sized Hershey’s kisses to the front of glassine bags 

75: Baby safety pins with personalized messages 

76: Custom save-the-dates in pretty paper 

77. Place cards tied to wooden skewers 

78. Small notebooks 

79. Embroidered handkerchiefs 

80. Decorative gift tags 

81: Vintage looking picture frame 

82: Natural sea sponges 

83: Printable coasters 

84: Make cupcake bouquets 

85: Wooden clothespins with little scraps of paper attached 

86: Paper heart garlands 

87. Paper lanterns 

88  Crocheted coaster

89: Place settings wrapped in small pieces of fabric 

90: Regular balloons with table numbers written on them 

91: Flip flops wrapped in pretty paper 

92. Place cards made from vintage book pages 

93. Sweet jars 

94. Put together recipe boxes 

95. Tie cute favor bags to the backs of chairs 

96: Place settings wrapped in yarn 

97. Customize your own bottle openers 

98: Mint tins 

99: Printable handkerchiefs 

100: Fabric-covered books

I hope you’ll be able to get some ideas from this list!

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