How To Choose A Wedding MC: 9 Questions That Help You Find The Right One

Weddings are usually stressful. And as the bride to be, you need to make sure that everything is in order so that your big day will be perfect as you’ve always imagined it to be. How do you make that happen? You need to create a super strong wedding team. Aside from your coordinator, you really need to find a great master of ceremony or MC to keep your program flawless. A wedding MC is usually the person who keeps the reception going and makes sure any guests involved in entertainment have what they need. Need help on how to choose the perfect wedding mc? Keep on reading.

Benefits of Hiring A Wedding MC

1) Experience:

The best Wedding M.C.’s have worked countless weddings, so they are extremely comfortable speaking in public.

They are skilled communicators with experience introducing wedding speeches, and any other formality dictated by your event’s format .

2) Control:

Your guests will pay more attention to the M.C., so they will generally be a calming, polite presence in your midst.

3) Ease:

There’s a lot going on the day of a wedding, and you need someone who can keep everything running smoothly.

The best Wedding M.C.’s use their years of experience to help make sure things go as they should .

4) Creativity:

Most guests at weddings think it’s “boring” because they’ve been to so many boring ones before.

A professional M.C will come up with unique ways to entertain your guests and provide amusing anecdotes for those long speeches that might ordinarily fall flat .

5) Personalization:

How To Choose A Wedding MC 9 Questions That Help You Find The Right One 2

If you’re having trouble thinking of what kind of entertainment is appropriate for your event, an experienced Wedding M.C. will be able to offer suggestions and advice .

6) Energy:

The best Wedding M.C.’s love their jobs, so they always bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm with them on the job.

You want anyone who’s hosting your wedding to be an enthusiastic and energetic person, because this field of work is exciting and fun!

7) Trust:

When you trust someone to keep your guests entertained for several hours-especially those that may not know each other very well-, you’re off the hook as far as worrying about things going wrong.

You’re more concerned with getting married than anything else!

9 Top Questions To Help You Find the Right One

Now you know the reasons why you need one, it’s time to know the questions you need to answer to find the right one.

Here are some of them. 

1.) How long have you been hosting weddings?

2.) What do you think makes you a great wedding M.C.?

3.) Tell me about some of the events that you’ve emceed before- what was it like? You can ask to provide references and demo videos for past events.

4.) Do you have a partnering DJ service? What does the DJ & MC package include? 5.) How long have you worked with this DJ? It is extremely important for MC and DJ to know each other’s style very well in order to carry out flawless wedding programs throughout the night.

6.) Do you have insurance? (most venues require vendors to provide insurance to cover the day of the wedding for any incidental damages)

7.) What is your standard programs for the wedding reception? (Chinese style vs. American style)

8.) Have you ever experience an event that didn’t go as well, and how did it fall short? Again this tells he’s competent.

9.) Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?

Answer these questions and you’ll create a guide on who to hire for your wedding.

Congratulations on your big day! I hope this article will serve as a guide to find the best MC for you! If you have any questions or would like more information about my services, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help make your wedding day perfect.

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