The best wedding games for your wedding reception

You’ve planned it all, the caterers are booked and so is the band. 

You have a dress, you have shoes… now what?

 One of the best things to do for your wedding reception is to play some great wedding games . 

No one likes a boring party and playing games at your wedding will keep people entertained and excited about your event! 

So, if you’re running out of ideas or just need a quick printable list, here are some of the best wedding games we’ve collected just for you! 

Check them out below.

– Who Dunnit Best Man – 

This wedding game is pretty self explanatory.

 The best man shows the bridesmaids a mysterious object (e.g., a small candy) that he hides in his pocket for this wedding game . 

Next, guests stand in a long line and each player must guess what’s inside of the best man’s pocket without using their hands! Whoever guesses correctly gets to keep the special object as their prize.

– Twister – 

Divide your guests into smaller groups of 4-8 people depending on how many spoons you have available for this wedding game .

 Everyone sits in a circle facing one another and holds a spoon.

 A deck of cards is shuffled and someone begins turning over the top card on the deck. 

Whatever number comes up, the number of spoons you have in your hand must be passed to another guest until someone gets four of a kind (in this case they get to keep the spoons). 

This wedding game continues until all cards/spoons are gone. 

The last person left with any spoons is out and can not play anymore for this round.

– Pin The Tail On The Donkey – 

First find a large poster of a donkey! 

Then, using paper plates trace around each part on where guests should place their pins (e.g., ears, body, tail). 

Whoever places their pin closest to where it goes receives a small prize that you’ve provided!

– Freeze Dance – 

This is one of the best wedding games because anyone can play it! 

All you need is your song of choice.

. Have players dance in a circle for this wedding game , however when the music stops they must freeze in their current position! 

Last person who does not have to sit down wins a small prize that you’ve provided.

– Buttons – 

The Best Wedding Games For Your Wedding Reception 2

This wedding game requires a big empty space and lots of buttons (at least around 300)! 

Organize guests into two teams and give each team an equal amount of buttons . 

There’s no hard rules for this one, but the goal is to be the first team done!

 For this wedding game, everyone collaborates as a group and tries to come up with new ways to play with buttons such as making words, patterns or whatever comes to mind! 

The guest with most successful ideas wins a small prize that you’ve provided.

– Toilet Paper Wedding Dress – 

Don’t forget your TP! 

Divide your guests into 2 teams based on color (e.g., blue and yellow). 

Give each player piles and piles of toilet paper and have them build the best wedding dress possible! 

The player with most creative design wins a small prize supplied by you.

– Throne Of Song – 

Organize your guests into 2 teams, each team should get seated in order of how good their singing voices are (e.g., front row for best singers, back row for worst). 

Next, play your song in the background at random times during the wedding reception , whoever is singing independently to their seat’s lyrics gets a point! 

The first team to win 5 points wins this wedding game .

– Wedding Limbo – 

You can never go wrong with this classic wedding game that everyone will love! 

For those who don’t know, wedding limbo is played in rounds and the goal is to be the last person remaining without having to do a sit down! 

Every time someone does a sit down they’re out so if anyone raised their hands but didn’t get picked it means they’re safe for another round .

 Whoever gets picked for each round receives a small prize from you.

– Singing Or Not Singing? – 

This one’s pretty self explanatory. 

Give your guests microphones and ask them to sing along! If at any point during the reception , guests believe that their peers aren’t singing they can ask them to stop using the phrase “Sing or not sing?” 

If it turns out that majority agrees with one person then their peer must do something embarrassing (e.g., push ups) for 0.5-1 minute while everyone sings!

– Pass The Parcel – 

The Best Wedding Games For Your Wedding Reception 3

This wedding game requires a few props such as wrapping paper, scissors etc.

 Divide your guests into 2 teams and give each player pieces of wrapping paper that are different in size but similar in shape. 

Give each team 1 roll of tape and have them build the best present possible! First team to complete wins this wedding game .

– Hilarious Wedding Toast Battle – 

Organize guests by how long it’s been since their last wedding ( e.g., 1 year, 2 years etc.) and have them compete to deliver the best toast! 

To do this correctly, give each person a number from 1-8 and write a few numbers on a note pad that should be placed in front of everyone . 

Once your reception starts, ask for 1 volunteer from each group to go up and deliver their toast one after another with the first guest to do so having 8 points , second 7 points etc. 

The total from all guests from each group goes towards who wins this wedding game .

– Wedding Question Mixer –

 In order to organize this wedding game you will need bits of paper and pens. 

Write down a question onto a piece of paper, fold it over and then give that piece of paper to a random person. 

Ask them to write their answer onto the back without letting anyone else see! 

Now mix up all these bits of paper, read each question/answer outloud for everyone to hear and have fun with this wedding game !

– Not So Newlywed Game – 

Everyone knows what The Newlywed Game entails so again there’s not much need for an explanation. 

This wedding game is for guests who already watched the DVD and can be played at any point during the reception . 

Make sure you have a list of fun questions ready!

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