10 Unique Additions to Make Your Wedding Ceremony More Interesting

We all have our dream wedding ceremonies.

Some are grand, while some prefer it to be intimate with only their closest friends and family.

Regardless, weddings can be expensive.

Did you know that the average American couple spends about $65,000 to have their dream wedding held in a big city like New York?

Of course, you have to make the most out of it.

You’d definitely want to make sure that your wedding ceremony is something that you and your guests will remember. After all, you’re starting the rest of your lives together.  Why not add a little bit of uniqueness to your ceremony?

Planning your big day has a lot of elements. It will take a lot of time and energy, but it’s a part of the wonderful journey you’re going to go through before you say I do.

Make your wedding day even more special by adding unique and interesting elements.

I’ve compiled this list below to give you the best additions to make your wedding ceremony more interesting.

1. Your pets walking you down the aisle


Your special day will not be complete without your fur babies.

They’ve dedicated their lives for you ever since the day that you decided that you want them to be a part of your family. Why not make them a part of your big day, too?

Ditch the usual bridal march and make your wedding ceremony more interesting with your furry best friend walking you down the aisle.

2. Dancing entourage

Bring those dancing shoes and set the mood right on your wedding.

Ask your entourage to dance as they walk down the aisle or as they enter the ceremony area.

I’ve seen a lot of couples who did this! All of their guests and everyone in their entourage had a blast!

Make the most out of your special day and go dance with your friends and your spouse!

It’s a great way to start your married life!

3. Ditch the flowers

Ditch The Flowers

Yes, flowers are indeed beautiful and are a vital element in any wedding. But it’s not a must for a wedding.

I know a lot of you won’t agree. Who wouldn’t want a nice bouquet or a colorful flower arch? But hear me out.

Flowers are nice and all, but they can be pretty expensive, too. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to find a more affordable alternative that will not sacrifice your wedding’s overall look and feel.

You can use balloons, bubbles, or paper lanterns as an alternative. They’re cheaper plus they create a different vibe!

4. Medley of the couple’s favorite song during the wedding march

Want your wedding march to be more memorable and interesting?

Swap out the good ‘ol wedding march hymn and play a medley of your favorite songs.

5. Reading lines from the couple’s favorite books or movies before the ceremony

It’s a good idea to start your marriage with your favorite things and if you’re a bookworm or a movie junkie, then you might want to do this.

Start the ceremony with a line from your favorite book or movie.

It adds flavor to the wedding ceremony and it will remind you of the things you both enjoy.

This will surely be an interesting addition and will surely be a great highlight of your big event.

Want to step it up? Why not include those lines and associate them with your vows?

6. Unity Sand Ceremony

If you want to make your wedding more meaningful, why not add a unity sand ceremony on your ceremony line up?

This has been done by a lot of couples in the past and is believed to help strengthen the bond between the couple.

It’s also a nice way to start your commitment in spending the rest of your lives together.

7. Lighting of candles as a sign of unity

Lighting Of Candles As A Sign Of Unity

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of the sand ceremony, you might want to try lighting some candles instead.

There’s something about candles that make any celebration more meaningful and solemn.

All you have to do is to light a candle together as a couple.

You can do this in your most creative way like lighting some floating candles and letting them float in a pool or a pond.

8. Releasing of floating lanterns

Releasing Of Floating Lanterns

If you’ve been dreaming of a fairy tale wedding since you were young, then this one’s perfect for you.

Grab some paper lanterns, light them up, and release them to the sky as you promise each other a life filled with happiness and adventure.

Watch them as they slowly disappear in the night sky before you enter your reception.

What a great way to start the rest of your lives together!

9. Pets as ring bearers

Aside from walking you down the aisle, you can also give some bigger parts to your furry friends.

For instance, you can have Fido carry and keep your rings all throughout the ceremony if he’s a good boy.

Having your pets carry the ring that will bind you and your spouse forever is just special. Making them an important part of your unity will just show that he’s really a part of your family.

10.  Sunset kiss

Are you a sucker for romance? Then, why not do a sunset kiss with your better half?

I know this sounds impossible to some, but if you crossed out all the requirements, then just go for it.

This is a perfect idea for couples who are planning to have an outdoor wedding before the sun sets.

Make it even more dramatic by having your photographer take a nice picture as you go for a dip.

These are just some creative ideas that will help you make your wedding ceremony more interesting and special. The more personal it is for you and your partner, the more meaningful it will be.

Create memories that will soon be wonderful stories to tell.

What’s your favorite wedding ceremony addition idea? Share them in the comment section below.

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