The Best Wedding Ceremony Order for Your I Dos

Your happily ever after begins with your wedding ceremony.

And while getting ready for your big day can be a bit daunting, you need to make sure that your wedding ceremony will run smoothly without a problem.

Being in this industry for years, I have witnessed how simple weddings transform into magical moments with a nice ceremony.

I know how confusing and intimidating it can be on top of all the preparations you need to do before the wedding. That’s why, I’ve put together a list of the order you can follow for a smooth, flawless wedding ceremony.

1. Walking Down the Aisle

The groom waiting for the bride at the altar as she walks down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress is just the best moment you’d want to treasure forever.

This is one of the most popular and heart-warming parts of any wedding ceremony.

I never fail to see someone tearing up every time the father gives away his precious daughter! It’s so moving.

Here’s the traditional order of the wedding procession:

·  The groom usually walks down the aisle first, followed by his best man.

·  Then, the bridal entourage walks in.

·  The flower girl will start throwing some petals and is usually followed by the ring bearer, coin bearer, and bible bearer.·  The bridal march will start to play and the people will all rise as they welcome the beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle accompanied by her father.

2. Welcome Speech from the Wedding Officiant

After the wedding procession, the next thing on the list is for the wedding officiant to greet all the guests, and to officially start the ceremony.  Some officiants may read a nice passage about love and the married life to inspire the couple. 

3. Exchange of Vows

This is probably one of the most awaited parts of every ceremony – the exchange of vows!

It’s the part where the groom and the bride share their promises to each other as they’re about to face the challenges of married life.

The officiant usually asks the couple if they have prepared their vows. If they do,  they will have time to read or recite their promises to one another.

4. Lighting a Candle

The couple will then light a candle that symbolizes their unity. 

Now, they’re one.

It’s a solemn tradition that shows how two souls combine and prepare for a journey of a lifetime.

I saw a lot of couples doing this creatively. 

There are some couples who like to include all the members of the family in the lighting of candles ceremony to welcome their new family members.

Need some creative ideas to make your wedding ceremony more interesting? I’ve written a helpful article about it here. (Link to 10 unique additions to make your wedding ceremony more interesting article)

5. Scripture or Poem Reading

A great way to start a wedding ceremony is to have someone read a nice scripture or poem for the couple.

Of course, this one’s optional but it’s a great way to boost everyone’s mood before the ceremony begins.

You can choose the specific scripture or poem to read or you can ask your friend or family member to read something that describes your relationship as a couple.

As mentioned above, this is also usually done by the officiant in the beginning of the ceremony.

It doesn’t have to be a scripture or a poem all the time. Be creative. You can read a nice line from a song or maybe some quotable quotes from the couples’ favorite movies.

6. The Exchange of Rings

The wedding will not be complete without the exchange of rings. This is the part when the couple officially tie the knot by exchanging their symbols of love.

It symbolizes the commitment you made to each other.

Normally, the best man and the maid of honor keep the rings. They will then give the rings to the couple when it’s time to exchange them.

7. The Much Awaited Kiss

It’s not official unless it’s sealed with a kiss. Am I right?

This part of the ceremony is one of the sweetest and something that most people look forward to.

Some couples choose to have a simple yet sweet kiss in front of their guests and family members while others are finding ways to be more unusual and creative.

It doesn’t happen every day, so when it’s your time, I’d say go for it!

8. Thanking your Guests for Coming

Before you end the day, it’s best to take some time to give your nice words and gratitude to everyone who came and celebrated with you.

Keep your speech brief but sweet – just enough detail without going overboard or leaving out any key points in closing the ceremony.

9. Signing of the Marriage License or Certificate of Marriage

End your ceremony by signing your marriage certificate. It’s the final step to be officially married.

Choosing the right order for your wedding ceremony is important to make sure that it flows smoothly and feels just as you imagined.

Planning ahead will save you from a lot of troubles.

You don’t want your wedding to be all over the place so better tie all loose ends and get everything in the proper order before your big day.

Don’t forget to inform your guests and give them a copy of the flow of your wedding ceremony program. This way, they’ll know what to expect and will be able to plan accordingly.

I hope this helps you in deciding the order of your wedding ceremony.

Need a hand? Allow me to make your upcoming wedding even more perfect.

Send me a message now!

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